The history of BFAI LLC begins back in 1914, when the first production of sheet insulating material from chrysotile asbestos was organized by the merchant Kalashnikova on the banks of the Pyshma River. At that time, the material was very necessary for domestic metallurgy and quickly gained the pace of industrial production. Thus, until 2004, the factory produced only one type of production in industrial volumes - asbestos cardboard.

In 2004, the factory developed and approved the "Enterprise Development Program until 2025," which was based on the departure from monoproduction to the organization of product production for new applications in various industries. And not necessarily based on asbestos. In 2005, two new productions were launched at once: the Bruderhaus paper line and the Complex for the production of dry building mixtures. Both lines are unique in their own way, since when producing products on installed equipment, it is possible to produce not only serial products, but also orders according to the specific technical assignment of the Customer. From this moment, all new products begin to be produced under their own brand name "AVANTEX".

In 2007, the Vacuum Moulded Products Production Site was commissioned and in 2008 the design of the Refractory Blanket and Fiber Production Line began.

In the fall of 2010, a landmark event took place for the factory and the industry as a whole. The first ton of refractory fiber in the form of blankets was released. Thanks to this, the factory provided itself with its own raw materials for the production of vacuum-molded products and paper, and also supplemented the range of products with a unique material that is in demand in almost every industry. Since 2011, Sections have been organized for the assembly of modules, mixing of refractory binder and heat-insulating mixtures, the production of which uses refractory fiber of its own production.

In 2018, the Factory completed the reconstruction of the Site for the production of vacuum-molded products and introduced new production facilities that allow producing products with even greater productivity, stable quality, precise geometry and additional physicochemical properties.

In 2019, the production of refractory bio-soluble fiber and products from it was mastered, which significantly expanded the geography of supplies.

In 2020, the production of endothermic fire-resistant mats was launched. With the launch of this production, BFAI is rightfully considered the leader in the fire protection market, since it produces the widest range of highly efficient materials for fire protection of load-bearing and enclosing structures, engineering equipment, cable penetrations, air ducts and smoke removal channels.

In 2021, mass production of a thermally expanding and non-thermally expanding mat began. The emergence of the production of such high-tech products provided BFAI with additional areas of product application.

Over the years of technical re-equipment, the geography of deliveries of products produced by the factory has expanded significantly within Russia and abroad - deliveries are established in Europe and the CIS. And today our factory is the largest manufacturer and supplier of high-temperature and refractory industrial thermal insulation.

We strive to strengthen Russia's status as a great industrial power. Thanks to agreements with our largest customers, the factory will continue to develop production, expand the geography of supplies and introduce advanced innovative technologies.

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General director
Igor Lavrentev